Why Appraise?


Why do I need an Appraisal?

Your insurance company may need an Appraisal to substantiate the amount of coverage you are seeking. Even if an appraisal is not mandatory, it is best to have a current Appraisal readily available, in case of a loss when communicating with the insurance company.  Is your vehicle Modified or Customized with aftermarket or hand crafted parts?  You will most likely need an Appraisal to obtain higher Insurance coverage.  Having an accurate Appraisal will give you “third party” proof of your vehicle’s value in case of a loss.  Appraisals are also used for:  Buying and Selling Vehicles, Estate Planning and Settlement, Vehicle Accidents, Establishing Collateral for Loans, Charitable Donations, Bankruptcy, Divorce Proceedings, and Settlements for Diminished Value, Fraud and Lemon Law Cases.  


Our Appraisals are Accepted by Insurance Companies, Banks, Credit Unions, Courts of Law, and the IRS.

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